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I think I may be drooling... Those shoes are GORGEOUS. And Jessica looks stunning(:

Round Table: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

Everyone keeps saying how Serena's such a heartless bitch for leaving Nate, but I mean COME ON. Forget Chace Crawford's prettiness for a second and think- what would you have done?
You're hurting because you have to avoid the guy you feel something for, and all of a sudden another guy comes up and declares his love for you, someone who you hadn't had feelings for in quite a while! Then the guy you like comes back into the picture and it seems like there's a possibility you two can be together. In all honesty, would you go with the guy you LIKE, or someone that, although you had feelings for in the past, you don't like anymore as anything more than a friend? I don't think many would choose the second.
And yes, she was about to kiss him, but you also have to realise, she had been DRINKING, and everything was fuzzy. THAT SAID, I absolutely LOVE Serenate. I'd never really paid them that much attention, but now I just think they will make THE cutest couple ever! Argh, can't wait! OH, AND: DANdy: Very. I'm so excited it's coming back to NBC! = LOL. Awesome answer!

Casual V

Love the dress. And I agree, Jessica Szohr is very pretty, but I think that since almost everyone hates Vanessa, they dislike Jessica aswell, which is quite unfair since she seems like a lovely person.