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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? It is a tie for me between the interaction with Serena and Nate and the one of Blair's. Serena: You alone, Nate? Don't have any friends left to screw over?
Nate: Well, at least I'm on the list and not working the door. Blair: I was thinking '80s, but shoulder pads can be overwhelming on my delicate frame. 2. Do you prefer wholesome Jenny or Jenny the bitchy sellout? It's a toss up. I prefer wholesome Jenny. I will have to agree with Dandy...they put so much makeup on her. She looks so gothic. I hate it. However, even though I prefer the wholesome Jenny...I am liking the drama bitchy Jenny is causing. It's immature drama that's needed especially with everyone else's serious storylines. 3. Did you miss V? Absolutely not. Any episode without her in it...is a good episode. 4. How long will Dan make Olivia levitate ... if you know what we mean! A couple more episodes. I mean...she is already lying to him. 5. Biggest plot hole of the night: Serena getting mad at Blair when plan ended up getting her clients good PR, Blair involving Jack in any way, or Chuck's decision to have his own club raided? Serena getting mad at Blair. It just looked like the writers forced a conflict between Serena and Blair. Serena did pick Chuck over Blair for really no reason. She even stated she was staying with Chuck almost confirming that she was choosing him because if it was because of her job then she would have said that. All three plot lines seemed far fetched though. BONUS QUESTION: Next week's promo promises scandal, backstabbing, lip service, deceit and mud-slinging. Share your predictions. Looks good. I have no idea what's going to happen.

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