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I don't see Ward ever rejoining the team anymore. He either turns against Garret and kills him or follows through orders and gets mortally wounded, but then he somehow uses TAHITI drugs to survive. Cue next season him being a complete neutral-party psycho, allowing us to observe step by step on how it affects "normal people". - IT gives both Skye and Coulson and personal investment into it since both of them survived that drug for various reasons, so that continues their plotline.
- IT could make those two a targets for Ward if his self-preservation instinct is stronger than the supposed psychosis.
- IT gives a sufficient way for Ward to develop Taskmaster's abilities(just with a wee bit different downside).


If Snow feeling "sorry" for Cora's death was the magic plot-cure of her heart, the show should not have spent WHOLE TWO SEASONS saying that its not that simple. Heart splitting is something one would expect from Disney movie, not OUAT. OUAT got its viewership solely because of the writers willingness to subvert fairytale cliches - "love" alone does not get you anywhere, you can fail, you can die, death is final, etc. Both Robin and Aiden are boring masculine manpain gary stus forcefully written into the show to prevent other possible romances and to engage in forced boring romance pairings with a kickass the cost of her empowerment in terms of narrative. Seems the same to me. 99% of this episode goes against the logic and laws that the show itself has set up already.


THe hilarious thing is that they were nonchalantly okay with Aurora and Phillip ACTUALLY having betrayed them at the start of episode.

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OT: BTVS Thread

So YOU JUST KNOW the world is kind of fucked up if Buffy and your average vampire have to team up:

Best thing about Season 10 first chapter:

Worst thing about the chapter:

Dawn/Xander seems to be ruined forever as she is unable to forgive him for betraying them all


Xander is seeing hallucinations of Anya and is a wee bit mentally unstable.

Oh by the way? Remember that thing about buffy fucking up the world again?

True Vampires now are unaffected by stakes, sun or holy water.

Oh and now they can shapeshift into bats, wolves and wolves like Dracula and the vampires of old lore could:

Basically every vampire is closer to how Master was due to that vampire god that was source of all vampires. gipsy spell Dracula used was basically replicating the powers the true pure would have.

These now have it permanently without any spells.


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Vampire Diaries - Plotholes Thread

LOL. I'll watch it in a couple of months. Maybe...

Its already both on itunes and amazon prime.

They are distributing the digital version since day one, then on March 25th the book that continues from the movie will come out(easy to do considering movie leaves quite a few very depressing plot threads) and then they will work on some sort of continuation, be it a netflix tv show, another movie or something else.

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Vampire Diaries - Plotholes Thread

See more what????? Utter mind fucking rubbish?

In other news Veronica Mars movie was a FUCKING PERFECTION :P

It literally STOMPS every single tv show on air since CW cancelled veronica mars.

I so want a sequel.

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