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I loved this episode. I watched it twice which is what I used to do in season one because it was so good. Anyway, here are my thoughts on what is happening:
1. David Clark has realised that Emily is Amanda now. So what is he going to think about what Victoria was trying to get him to do (kill his own daughter!). I wouldn't like to be in her position now.
2. I suspect that Nolan has known all along that David was still alive. He may not have known that David was back in town but he has guessed because of what Emily said about Victoria (that she knows something Emily doesn't)
3. Actually quite impressed that Nolan knows how to fire a gun! Even if he did miss.
4. I think Ben is fishy. Maybe he has been partnered with Jack by people higher up so that he can find out more about him. Spy him out.
5. I'm actually liking Daniel a bit more this season, will be interesting to see how long that lasts. At least he sees through his mother now.
6. I think Charlotte will come around to Emily's side, it is starting to look that way. She will probably join Emily only to get killed in the process!
7. Jack is in a tricky position as a cop. He knows his bar fire was arson and knows who did it. Also knows Charlotte was attempting to murder Emily. He is withholding all that information. That must go against his principles. It will be interesting how he reacts when he knows David Clark is back, especially when he finds out he killed Conrad. Quite a dilemma. All in all I am loving this fourth season!


I'm not sure how you can say "Emily thinks she has it all" at the end of season three when the man she planned to marry was murdered by Victoria. While she has finally had the successes she fought for, it has come at a huge cost. Hardly "having it all"

Revenge Review: The Stroke of Midnight

So lying about being pregnant is "asking to be shot"? I guess if Daniel just beat her up she would be "asking for it" too? Nice that you condone domestic violence, even to the point of attempted murder. Because the woman is always "asking for it" right?

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