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that's the prince ..'nuff said

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 127

Serena singing: My boobs are here for showing, that's just what I do. My boobs are here for showing, oh Colin they'll soon be all over you! *wink wink*

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 120

OMG saarele!! yours should definitely win! I laughed soo much, like seriously..hahah!!

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Yeah, I wrote you some messages, but you never replied. D: Probably didn't get them, idk

You wrote me? On tumblr? I did not get your msgs! That's so weeird! You mean with Chuck and Blair as killers? Lol, no. I am still WRITING, just not fanfics. lol, yes. So you're not going to finish it? So you're writing in German then? :) lmao, I feel like now that I'm here, everyone left.  
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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Lol sorry, Im sabi!

Yes, I remember hah :D

Yes, it is. 

Who is the german chancellor?

- Angelo ... something with Angelo .... Merte?

When was the Berlin Wall build?

- What Wall? WTF are you talking about?


After that? Now that Chair are reunited<3

I'll try. :) maybe you noticed that I'm not on tumblr that much either...

Wir haben hier jetzt noch eine Wienerin. :) Ein kleines Wiener Würstchen.

Süss.     Are you still writing fanfics bb? :)


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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Cause it's true. Wasch labersch du?

Omg is that from the guy who says.. Angelo Merkel? LMAO.

So, are you coming back? :) When you're free, I mean.

Well, I have my finals coming so I won't have that much time, tbh but I'll try :)

I hoab die vermisst, ma Schweizerle. <3

Awww Ich dich auch  ;) ♥ ♥

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