Got hooked on Gossip Girl and the Blair and Chuck love affair.  Now I must watch every week.  Stumbled upon this site when I was looking for information and now I am addicted to the spoilers.

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Well, a couple of things come to mind. 1) I would love to see Blair go to Columbia. She has always loved school, but NYU has been nothing but a disappointment.
2) Blair has went to the Empire penthouse twice now and just walked in. For all she knows he could have been banging someone on the couch, so awfully brave of her, or maybe stupid. Not sure she would be ok seeing it with her own eyes.
3) Blair obviously still cares about Chuck or she wouldn't have bothered to go there to talk to him about Lily. How does she know hasn't talked to Lilly? She must be checking up on him through Nate or Serena. She told him she was done, but evidently that doesn't count if she is worried about him. :)
4) What the heck Chuck? You are supposed to be trying to get her back, not drive her farther away. I really don't even buy that he would go screw some random slut the same day that they broke up, but apparently the writers want him to regress all the way back to season one before he ever told her he loved her.
5) Is this a Chuck smoke screen as he told Nate? If so, why do it? Also, he told Blair he would never sexually harass anyone in his own hotel, but apparently bringing in hookers doesn't hurt his reputation as a legitimate business man at all! Oh brother!


Loved it. Anyone remember when Blair is meeting Serena and she realizes that Serena and Nate are not taking it slow and they have already had sex and Blair says you could be so much more than just "an affair to remember". Foreshadowing maybe? Also, isn't there a Meg Ryan Tom Hanks movie where they are suppose to meet at the top of the empire state building and she is late and he has already left and then he goes back because his kid left his backpack or something and he sees her there crying. I hope they do something like that and not something stupid like they miss each other.

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I think Chuck is going toward a downward spiral and he is unhappy and destined to make everyone else unhappy right with him. I believe seeing Blair with someone else (Cameron)will royally piss him off more than he wants to admit to anyone. He doesnt look happy at the party, so something must be happening. I have read somewhere that Blair invites eligible bachelors to an art opening and he ruins it for her so they dont show up. So, there is more to come with this story. And dont forget the finale. Do they meet at the top of the Empire State Building or not? At any rate, he is holding flowers and appears to be waiting for her so something has happened in the next 3 episodes to change things. Plot twist anyone?