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I was born with a birth defect called, "Hydrocephalus".
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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 69

Damon: What do you want?
Katherine: Let's talk.
Damon: The price for that is a dozen campers.
Katherine: too high, go away.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 68

John: I think you should let me handle things.
"Elena": Handle things? You do realize I'm handing a knife, right? I hate to say it but you're in no position to give me orders.


Elena: You just had to burn everything didn't you!
Damon: Yes, and by the way in case you've forgotten you're STILL alive!
Elena: I know that and I do thank you. But you didn't have to burn everything!
Damon: Well excuse the hell out of me!
Elena: Too late for that.
Damon: Screw You!