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Saving Hope Review: The Space Between

I really love this show already. I don't like the main guy yet, but the last scene where he asked Alex not to give up on him tugged on my heart strings a little. I also don't see how Joel is a bad guy, when he was awesome during the entire episode. I would love a flashback to see why Alex believes he's bad. My only fear is that NBC will cancel this show, because that is like their favorite thing to do is cancel good shows. That's why no one watches NBC.

New ABC Show-Down: Which Looks Best?

Last resort and Nashville look interesting. The Neighbors looks oddly funny, but I am all but certain it will be cancelled. I really don't care for 666 Park Avenue at all. I don't see it lasting.

New CBS Show-Down: Which Looks Best?

Elementary: looks awesome. I loved the actor who plays Sherlock, because I loved him on Eli Stone. Partners: It could go either way, either it is incredibly cliche, or it finds its voice and becomes a truly funny show, only time will tell. Made in Jersey: Seems to have real promise, but I worry it will get canceled early on, no reason why, just a gut feeling. Vegas: I couldn't care less about it and my bet is that this is the first CBS show cancelled.

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You do not fuck with them.

I also hardcore shipped Chair for like 3 1/2 seasons and Derena for like 1 1/2 seasons, but now I'm a Dair fan.  It wasn't until the Valentine's Day episode in season 4 that I switched.  I still enjoy Chuck and Blair scenes.  I just no longer want them to end up together.  Dan and Serena scenes sort of bug me now, because I am not the biggest fan of Serena at the moment.  I sometimes think her loyalty to Blair is the one honorable thing left inside her.  That being said, I really love the NJBC.  I feel like this show is more about friendships than it is about all the romantic entanglements and them all teaming up to help each other is awesome.

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OT: Ringer finale

I did and I loved it.  I will be so mad if they cancel it.  

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Who will cardboard choose

I think she has to choose Damon in the finale.  Personal feelings aside, the whole point of a love triangle is to have the audience genuinely unsure as to who the person is going to choose in the end.  If she doesn't choose Damon now, she never will.  Damon has shown the best version of himself for the first part of season 3.  He has been there for Elena, and if that isn't enough right now, then nothing will ever sway her.  I think some major developments need to happen with Damon and Elena to make that choice believable, but I think they can sell it if they have Elena explain herself a little better.  Plec has already said this will not be the final choice, so I think this is about Elena exploring the possibility of her and Damon together.  The finale won't be Elena choosing Damon over Stefan.  It will likely be Elena choosing to take a chance on her and Damon.  What that relationship ultimately looks like will determine who Elena chooses in the end.  

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