I don't know what it is about Vampire Diaries, but it's just pure amazingness. I love it so much, without it I don't function the same. That's basically the jist of me :D
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Why is everyone getting cranky cause Elena and Damon kissed? They had a thing in the books, so I mean it was bound to happen. It definitely isn't a reason to quit watching the show -.-

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So now that Klaus is "gone" . . .

I am in no way happy about Klaus being neutralized. I am beyond pissed actually cause he is such an amazing character. BUT I am trying to look on the bright side of things. With Klaus being temporarily gone, that means that wonderful and amazing Katherine Pierce can finally roll into town and stir things up. I am now hoping that the script of 3x22 that said Katherine was gunna be there is right. That will make my life at this point. I miss her sooooooooo much. 

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New 3x19 Stills !

Ahhh so in the summary thing for this episode it says that Jeremy is hanging out with the wrong people. I'm guessing that Kol is that wrong person to be hanging out with. I thin it'll be cool for Jeremy and Kol to become friends. That'll definitely be awkward when Kol comes over to play video games xD Well that's assuming Jeremy goes back to Mystic Falls. 

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3x19 Extended Promo!

Elena and Damon go to Denver to have Jeremy contact ROSE! She's coming back all ghosty and stuff :D I know it's random when there hasn't been a ghost since 3x07, but at least we're getting Rose!

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