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I do not understand why my first post as deleted. Anyway, I have never noticed a momentum for the Brian and Chloe pairing. I am in the key 18-49 demo and a lot of us in that demo notice that Chloe and Brian have no chemistry. This has to be the most one sided love triangle in the history of TV. I have never seen a case where 90% of the fans are for one couple. The Alek and Chloe pairing is clearly the majority favorite. This makes me worry for the finale. One of the problems has always been that the Brian and Chloe pairing has been pushed down our throats (spoilers, promos, interviews) to the point that many fans have tuned out. We don't want to see show where our guy looks like second choice. Hopefully, CK gets a secons season and the fans are given what they want.

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