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Scandal Review: Teamwork

It was painfully obvious the wife did it... this episode was pretty good but slower than the past few.


I have watched this show for the past 10 seasons with the utmost devotion. I didn't flee during the catastrophe that was the Izzie show, and I didn't flee during Season 7... but dear me. All these interns ruining the screen time is maddening. I like them (unlike many others), but why are regulars getting a few lines per an episode or none... Seriously, sort your stuff out Shonda.


I am pretty sure that Thomas Gibson is having legal issues IRl at the moment, or perhaps substance abuse problems. I am sure this is there way of writing him out of the show, or reducing his role for the next few episodes in order for him to sort his life out. IMHO. I didn't like the episode at all though. My initial draw to CM was that we never knew who the unsub was until the last 10-15 minutes despite seeing their behaviour. Episode 3 this season reminded me of an old episode. Can we go back to that?

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