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01. Tried to take B. down and got so screwed she cried for B. to leave her alone.
B made her life miserable, made her do all her chores like a 'handmaiden', hazed her and refused to be nice to her/be her friend and than when she was dethroned expected jenny to be nice to her. i see nothing wrong with jenny fighting back. and i dont recall her crying at B to leave her alone. 02. She messed up with Agnes. Again, got screwed and had all her beloved dresses burned out. Agnes was a psycho bitch, but jenny did apologise for wronging her. and yes, jenny always gets screwed and pays for her mistakes, unlike serena. Plus, if Taylor wants to show some acting, she better learn how to separate herself from the character she portrays. as far as i know, taylor momsen doesn't write scripts. She didn't change the character or decide what she says or does. The script writers do. She also doesn't choose her on-set wardrobe. So she doesn't have control over this kind of thing.


serena stole maureen away from tripp KNOWING FULL WELL HER INTENTIONS AND WHAT IT WOULD DO TO THE MARRIAGE. the only difference between her and jenny is that jenny is only messing with a little teenage relationship whereas serena is messing with a marriage. oh, and serena slept with tripp whereas jenny has done nothing beyond a kiss with nate. and serena in no way felt 'super bad' about her actions. and her feeling 'super bad' about stuff doesn't excuse her or make it okay. it just makes her a hypocrit, pretending to be sorry and doing the same thing over and over again. at least jenny owns up to what she does.


at this point, with the rating and everything, it wouldn't be smart to kick off a main character. Jenny brings drama, people watch for drama.

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Gossip Girl cast NOT friends outside of set

i think what she meant by someone elce's words is that she doesn't write the script and she is playing a character someone invented. Think she just wants to do the music thing and be herself. Yeah, if she really dislikes it than she should quit, but i think what she says is taken out of context most of the time.

As for the friend thing, i think they are all "work friends" and than you have your home friends. Most people have thier friends at work, you can maybe hang out with them when its convinient but not in your close circle.

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True Blood Appreciation

season 3 wishes: LOTS OF ERIC

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Are You On Team Jenny Or Team Serena?

^^ i know what you're saying. only to me, it honestly seems like serena is only dating nate out of convenience. when did she develop feelings for him? before they randomly got together, i never saw any evidence of serena liking him.

and i actually agree that jenny is beng selfish, despite being an NJ fan i DO NOT want them to get together like this. i hate that jenny is acting this way. i actually want NS to stay together for this season, play out, break up and later on in s4 have NJ happen. but it seems like the writer want good girl = serena bad girl = jenny thing happening. gah.

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