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Is Sara Ramirez Leaving Grey's Anatomy?

I soo hope those rumours are untrue, since Addie is gone Callie is the best character left on Grey's. She and Mark have such a great chemistry and look so good together and hell what is it with those producers and this stupid idea of a big name actress for Mark, then go for a real big name actress.
And besides all this why needs Marks a 12 year old intern when he went for women like Addison or Callie. Okay, for a one-night-stand, but for a relationship ... seriously.
The only way I could live with Callie leaving GA would be if she would switch to Private Practice. She would be the perfect addition for this show and not to mention her friendship with Addie was just great.


Seriously, Denny was great when he was alive but now as a dead he has more screentime than the living ... not so good.
I'm all for stop bringing Denny back for good.