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imo Nate loves Serena, and Jenny is just a fly that this bothering Nate!!,its pretty clear with this spoiler!!its too obvious that Nate doesn't love Jenny and never did,and Jenny doesn't love Nate either, she just want him!, for prove that she can have that she wants..c'mon she is so inmature!!
I will love to see Nate&Serena and Chair together!! i just love this 2 couples since the beginning!!!


Serena won't really suspect it for a bit. i think this is b/c its `for Serena is just "Little J", a mean Serena doesn't see Jeeny doing that, she can't see Jenny in "that way", i think Blair will suspect b/c she knows her in that way, that Serena doesn't

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OMG Jenny Getting A Spin OFF!!!! (Spoilers)

Serena is one of the more important characters there!,she can't go!! c'mon! Serena is connected with every character, and Jenny is irrelevant!, thats the true, how you can compare Serena and Jenny, if Jenny goes the show its gonna be the same, if Serena or anyone of the NJBC goes is not gonna be GG any more...

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Sexy x2

wow!, he looks so handsome!! <3

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Sleep with me!!

i love him!!!

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