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What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

I was amazed by this episode.
I loved how everyone reacted, when they found out about Serena in Hospital, i totally loved the end, when Chuck saw his mother (I'm pretty much sure that it is his mother). That actress actually look a lot like Chuck. But why this whole time she needed to pretendet, that she is dead?
I think Trip and his wife should never come back to show. I hate them as much, as that's possible now.
Jenny is getting much more interesting as a character. I hope she'll get in a lot of trouble... And that dealer is so good looking! I've seen him in some movies, and I always thought he's very handsome....
Yeah, that's pretty much it. 4 words - I loved the episode.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on Chuck

possible return of Chuck's not-dead mom
sounds fantastic!
Can't wait to see, which actress will play her.


I loved this episode.
Maureen, actually is very interesting as a character, like a lil devil. And when she saw the letter, she looked very happy for having it, so there is something about Serena, what can destroy her, or something.
I was in shock, when Nate was standing there alone. I was sure, that Serena will stay, but she didn't. And now, reading coments I assume, that u r all right - that's for building up Serenate later...
That gives some spice to show, it was actually getting a litlle boring...