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I am a mommy and that is the best thing I have ever been and will ever be in my life. My little boy is my world. I'm married to Dustin and we have been together for six years married almost two
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This Really is the End for Life Unexpected

i don't kow why I bother to have a fav show on the CW. They always cancel it. The same thing happened to Veronica Mars. All the CW shows are alot alike and this one was different than anything else on tv...oh well big mistake

Life Unexpected Review: "Plumber Cracked"

I love this show and I am very disappointed that it is going off the air. I think that this is the CW's biggest mistake since taking Veronica Mars off the air!

One Tree Hill Review: "Mouthful of Diamonds"

this episode was alittle boring. Haley and Nathan didn't even share a scene and Clay with the whole can opener thing I think is just lazy writing. Also I think One Tree hill gives to much story time to guest star actors who we don't even care that much about. I still enjoy this show but not every episode like I used too