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It looks like it was Katherine in the black dress and Elena in the red. Not that much difference though.


Let's face it, Dan isn't popular enough to get shot.
It's either Nate or Chuck.
And idk, would Chuck really be in Paris next season if he got shot?


I posted the link to the video I uploaded in the forum @GGFAN, it's under spoliers

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Behind The Scenes - GG!! (Spoilers)

That's weird seeing as how Penn pretty much just came straight out and said he doesn't interact with the rest of the cast outside of work. And how Leighton said that she spends quite a lot of time with Ed and Chace off-set. Blake and Taylor have also said they don't see other cast off-set, although Blake's a lot more politely.

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The Sacrifice (Season 2 Finale)

The Sacrifice isn't supposed to be the season finale - it's supposed to be the MID-season finale, the last episode befoer christmas.

I wouldn't mention it only for the fact that you can bet bigger stuff is going to happen in the season finale than the mid-season finale. Might change your perspective a bit.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

SteFAN, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm getting sick of people spelling this wrong.

Especially when there are far many more variations of Damon. Daman/Damen/Damien/Damian etc......


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