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The Good Wife Review: Not So Graceful

Last night's episode was classic Aristotle - Deus ex Machina -the very definition of bad drama. The comments to date have been insightful, but have missed the biggest flaw of all in the drama. That is, the character of Alicia is allegedly a brilliant up and coming litigator, independent, modern woman and involved mother - who missed an illegal hacking of her messages by Eli, who was oblivious to her husband's cheating, who is the only one who does not know about her husband's abuse of power in going after Will and who obviously does not speak with her son who knows more than the above and likely about Kalinda's finding his sister. Further, as a cell phone user, can someone tell me how to "butt dial", never happened. If the Alicia character could not hold it (or her brief case) together for an hour, she is neither a good lawyer nor a good mother if she could not figure out that she should not leave her case in the hands of her opponent. Moreover, even though she and Will had allegedly not seen each other for some time, he suddenly becomes the one thing she needs to give up (which she previously claimed she could not) That adds up to a simpering weakling of no ability except to lose children and cases. Moreover, lawyers when they speak are supposed to speak the truth - so which is it, she loves will and could never give him up - or she is a Stepford wife with no life or brain of her own?