Blair W

I love watch Gossip Gil..Leighton is my favourite
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I will miss you Vanessa LMAO !

She's Up 2 No Good

Yes we love Blair, who cares if she is up to no good ?

European Girlfriend

Pooor B !

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I hate Sam

His character is getting in my nerves!

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I am back,

I am still kind of shocked from the ending that Dan is really gossip girl.

anyway, what series do you recommend to watch after Gossip Girl?

any suggestions?

who in here watch House Md? this show is so awesome and great.

I really want it to last longer but it is difficult to last since the main actresses left the show in the last season. I mean Olivia Wilde is so great and awesome, I barely could tolerate the season 8 , even though House is great but I got used to Thirteen and house relationship. and also Cuddy left as well, and Foreman is so boring so I didn't watch all the season. just the three episodes of the first season 8 and the last 2 .

I want to watch a show as awesome as House

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where people..have to go up and down ?

when Dan mentioned this at the elevator 

Did I understand it correct ?! or my mind went so far about it ? :D


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