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Chuck: Nate, I want you to draw me like one of your Page Six girls.

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Chuck and Blair, always.


First and foremost, credit to the writers for causing this much of an emotional upheaval. If we're all this worked up about what's happened, then they're doing their job. That being said, I've never been so angry with Chuck the entire time I've watched this show (which is since the beginning). Not even when he sold Blair to Jack. I don't care that he was wasted, I don't care that emotionally, he's in turmoil, there is absolutely no excuse to be made to force himself on Blair like that. At the same time, I can't help but feel sorry for him. How low must he feel to do something like that to Blair, of all people? We all know he loves her. We've seen it, we've felt it. I shouldn't, but I feel so bad for him. The guy can't seem to catch a break. Onto Blair. I am as big of a Chair shipper as anyone, but I loved seeing my girl so happy. And props to Louis for that; I didn't like him at first, mostly on principle that I adore(d) Chuck, but look at how sweet he is to her! He seems like he honestly cares about her and it's refreshing to see someone so selflessly care about Blair. I like him, and until his character either gets corrupted by the UES or gets pushed aside by Blair, I'm all for that engagement.
Well, I was. Until Blair went to Chuck to tell him. And at first, I was annoyed with Blair for doing that, because she knew perfectly well he's on the edge right now, she could have at least saved it for morning; what is she playing at? But here's my theory: She wanted him to feel ashamed, because he shamed her, and that's the Blair Way. But also, she wanted him to give her a reason to break the engagement. One reason. And "you're mine" wasn't anywhere near good enough (as it rightfully shouldn't be, Blair is not a possession). Never has there been a time that I disliked a main character more than Vanessa (I hate Raina more, but she's not a main character). Last night, I hated Nate. What a way to show how much he cares about Chuck: when Chuck has hit rock bottom, Nate prances off to his girlfriend, who he's known for all of what, a month? The girl who literally just kicked him out, the girl who dated his best friend for a while (but alright, I let that slide because this IS the UES and Dan's dated his sister so, fine~). Over the guy he's supposedly been best friends with since preschool, the guy who listed Nate as one of the three things he cares about ("Look, I care about three things Nathaniel: money, the pleasures money brings me, and you."), the guy who was there for him when everything went down with his own father. I'm so disappointed in Nate, he hasn't always acted morally himself but he's been more-or-less a good guy through the entire series. And now he does this, and this, for me, is just so low. Personally, if my best friend were in Chuck's position, I would do every single thing in my power to help her. Bros before hoes. Nate apparently doesn't understand that concept. Oh, and I felt bad for Vanessa. Ouch, that hurt to say. I still hope she leaves at the end of the season but I also hope Charlie gets chucked into the ocean. Rufus got a job! A side note, but I do miss his antics with Jenny. Not a fan of Jenny, but I'd change my mind about her if she came back and fixed this entire mess somehow.
But knowing Jenny, she'll just make it worse. Serena should be happy she made it on my list tonight at all; what the hell is wrong with her? This was so out of character for her to do, mostly because she wasn't doing it to gain anything from it or because she thought it was the right thing to do, but because she could and she was bitter. Not the Serena I know. What happened to the sweet girl with the sweet laugh I loved? Well, she came back for a second there at the party to tell Chuck not to mess this up for Blair, but when she did, I sort of laughed and said 'Oh, so NOW you defend your best friend?' Better late than never though, I suppose. Last but not least, I missed Lily.