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I want Ted & Robin as couple again, Barney stay womanizer.

Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Major On-Set Kiss!

i know that CHAIR is endgame, but i wish i could see DAIR as a couple for a while. i love DAIR, oppositte attracks.


plz..........don't. i love paul, i have no hard feeling for her, but i already see delena in the show & real life, i don't need to see another crew in real & the show!

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1. santana

2. sebastian

3. blaine

4 sue

5. artie

6. kurt

7. rachel

8. finn

9. tina

10. mike

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i'm kinda lost hope for stelena gonna happend again coz everbody want delena.  so now i'm hoping for statherine (although it hurts me  that katherine love damon too) OMG!!! i just want a girl who loves stefan for him only not his brother too!!

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Statherine Appreciation Thread.

so this stefan's diary really a book how many series r there?  that book tells all about stefans from he's human until he become a vampire? is there damon's diary too???? i live in indonesia, we only have TVD books until the return:shadow souls.

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