I'm a massive tv addict, I like to ramble, I get annoyed when my favourite couples aren't together. That's all you need to know right now, except...   My Favourite Shows... Grey's Anatomy Glee One Tree Hill How I Met Your Mother The Big Bang Theory 90210 Gossip Girl My Favourite Couples... Alex and Izzie, Grey's Anatomy Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy Puck and Quinn, Glee Kurt and Blaine, Glee Brittany and Santana, Glee Brooke and Julian, One Tree Hill Barney and Robin, HIMYM Leonard and Penny, Big Bang Theory Navid and Silver, 90210 Annie and Liam, 90210 Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl Nate and Serena, Gossip Girl Dan and Vanessa, Gossip Girl That is all...<3
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Quinn & Puck/Finn & Rachel/Will & Emma Thread!

Wemchelick ;)

But yeah, Quick, Wemma and Finchel FTW<3

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Someone's going to die. WHY?!

It's not Blaine, he's contracted for season three, isn't he!?

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i miss quick tho

image didn't post :(

i miss them too though, so much...</3

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