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Taylor Momsen Smoking: A Bad Message?

smoking is quietly famous :))
dont be surprised if you see someone smoking :|

Sometimes, Ed Westwick's Just Gotta Go

lol. :)) i saw one of his vid. & he likes to curse a lot,
every word he says have the word F*** in it... i know this article wants to degrade him, but nAAHH
no matter what he does, his irresistible-& we love him for that.
as long as he act the charac. of CHuck Bass well as usual
, no one can make me to hate or dislike him at any single way ;)
You go Ed :)) LOL

Taylor Momsen Smoking: A Bad Message?

i mean arrogant*

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In need of Chuck and Blair FanFiction!



this was the perfect fan fic eeeverr!!

can't wait for the next one!!


uhhmm.. GOSSIP GIRL in there was, uhhmm.. her blog is so long, i really find it boring

or i dont know maybe Im not used to that kind of gossip that takes 2 paragraphs or 3 or 4  or 5 ..... Gossipgirl handles the news swift & short...but anyway, i love everything about this..huhuhu

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Oh Leighton... (Leighton Meester)

is one**

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Oh Leighton... (Leighton Meester)

DUH. PEREZ are one of those people who do shit for living-

& trying to send false stupid info from we-dont-even know if its a reliable source is just crap.

this is the worst gossip he came up with.

what a waste of time.


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