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they should do something with his hear like that in GG Love it!


OMFFFG i loved those!! Chuck and Blair

"Remains of the J" Extended Promo

I think V and C are totally misunderstanding the N/B thing but it will first bring them closer.. And later make them realise there just good friends (i hope)

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Who did Dan sleep with?

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What will I do without gossipgirl for 3months?! (Spoilers)

Better question where are they ;) I would need them at least once a week ;)

GG annonymous is like AA (alcolic anonymous)

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The Fabulous Finale (Spoilers)

couldn't agree more swedensupergirl! I'm so happy with tis thread! It rocked was fantastic and ended great as it suposed to! we have some hoping and wondering to do and i can't wait till the end of june when te first spoilers will come and ofcourse can't wait for august when gg will start again! What will my summer be without my daily gg checkup

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