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I am Delilah, and I dare you. female x years old living in nyc; originally from london town.
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Leighton Meester Turns on the Glamor

She's beautiful, she can pull both off.
But, I think less make up works better for her.


Maybe Selena rubbed off on her in Europe :)
It does sound like Lei, with a lot of effects/overlay/reverb.. I like it though :D


Take it from my experience - there's nothing romantic about the Meat Packing District! They're cute though :)

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Step Up 3D

I quickly pointed it out to one of my friends, but by that time it was gone :(


I thought it was good Lani :) Nothing special, but fun to watch, as you said.

Even my friends who didn't want to see it (we all had to for a friends' birthday) enjoyed it so..

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Step Up 3D

Watched it yesterday :)


Random, but ..

Did anyone else who watched it notice that Lincoln Hawk poster on the post? I did but everyone else missed it :/

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aww Seleneight (L)

Awwh, cute!

Selena is soo much bigger than petite Leighton, it looks kind of weird :)


Selena must be very pleased; I remember she tweeted once about how she loved Good Girls Go Bad because she was a huge Leighton/GG fan..

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