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Grade Sons of Anarchy Season 5.

I love this show. I didn't think I would at first but I am Hooked. Season 5 story wise has been great!!! Jax is so hot and smart. They way he set everything up was great! I just worry about Season 6 because too may people know how he played Clay. I just hope they stick to the code and are loyal. I do and don't see why they had to kill Opie. He was a great guy and I liked his character. Letting Opie character die to set Jax off and make him a great leader, but really the way he died was horrible, he could have just got stabbed in the yard or something. I had to close my eyes and make my husband fast forward that seen because I couldn't watch. That really made me mad and sad. I could see if he was an asshole maybe dying that way, but he was a sweet heart. That is the only thing I didn't like about Season 6. Also, I think Clay got off way to easy. I hope someone kicks his butt. I can't wait for Season 6, to see what happens to Gemma and Tara. I also think that if Gemma did turn Tara, I am wondering how Jax is going to react. I know he loves Tara, but at the end of the Season when she said he was taking the boys, I thought he was going to lose it. This is going to be an eventful upcoming season, can't wait to see what happens!!!!