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Castle Review: The Cold and the Creepy

First, let me say that I have been a huge fan of Nathan Fillion since he was a teenager on One Life to Live. And, OMG, was there ever any one sexier than he was on Firefly. That being said, and, I have been pondering this ever since the first episode of this season; time to talk about it:
Nathan Fillion is getting FAT!!!!!!! I wondered when I saw him on Letterman, and then with every episode, I kept checking him out and his face looked puffy and his mid-section thicker, and I kept wondering - - not wanting to believe what my eyes were seeing. However, last night was it. That fire escape scene left no doubt. I searched the internet and other folks are mentioning it too and wondering. Nathan better get his act together and get fit or I cannot see them EVER getting to love scenes, etc. I mean come on; sure, he's getting rich and living the good life, BUT...

Linda comstock stewart
Law & Order: SVU Review: So Long, Stabler

I plan to give L&O:SVU one more chance. However, I think the handwriting is on the wall: Stabler goes and Benson next and this will be the last season for the show!

Linda comstock stewart

To simply nit-pick: it drives me crazy that Clay is obviously suffering serious pain due to the arthritis in his hands. I too have it, but luckily not as bad as his seems to be i.e. the injections, etc. However, I cannot even wear my tiny wedding band for more than a couple of hours at a time. I know for certain that there is no way in the real world that he could wear all those big, heavy rings! - - I'm just sayin'...

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