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That is a good question - just who is running Merlotte's?! LOL! Mavis perhaps? I mean she does kind of owe Lafayette one after messing with his life like she did. It wouldn't be Sookie in any case because "Sam" fired her. It's just as well I guess. L'il Miss Hotpants seems a bit overextended even without the job.

True Blood Review: Boom Goddess?

I'm with wavering truebie; I am frustrated at what a beautiful, vapid thing this show has become. There's been far too much focus on secondary characters and their storylines this season and not enough development and interest in what should have been the major event of the season; the culmination of the Eric/Sookie romance. There's a reason people keep referencing back to book four for this - because it was hot and it worked. I'm all in favor of taking departures from the source material when it makes sense and things can be improved upon. I'm glad for instance that Lafayette was not killed off as he was in the books. I can't help be feel cheated though when I see what's been done to Sookie and Eric's storyline. I'm still reeling over the inane dialogue and flaky staging of the much anticipated "shower" scene. It was simply one of the goofiest things I've ever seen on television. To be fair, while it lacked brains, passion, and heart, it was beautifully photographed.

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