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Smallville Review: "Collateral"

I missed the second half opener last week...but this week was awesome! I think though that they could have done better the first half of the season, all there was was mostly drivle! However last night was a pick-me-up, and I was glad to se Chloe come back, and also I think Canary and ollie will end up as it should be. The Clark-Lois thing is still lame, but last night was a bit better.


I have to agree with the critics. But I have yet to see anything as good as the 1st and 3rd episodes this season. It is almost as if the producers and writers have run out of things to do with this show, and are just "plugging" it through for the last season. I like the change in Tess, and Alexander, that was really good. I liked the ending with Clark and Lois, but I think they are taking creative liberties with this, as we know, Lois has never been told b Clark that he is Superman.
I seriously hope that something gives here. Last night I actually only gave this show half of my attention. If this is the last season, and this is all they cando then I am glad to see it end.

Safe Haven

I thought that it was rather boring. Slow paced. And I miss JJ.