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Terra Nova Review: A Problem With Procedure

I Like the story premiss, however I'd like the writers to stay a bit more focused on their story threads that have already been presented. Taylor's Son,(What's with the Glyphs on the rocks? ) You can get 2-3 shows out of that. Mira and the Sixers (Intriguing, why would you leave the relative comfort of Terra Nova to live in the top of a tree Ala Swiss Family Robinson?Oh and why would you let someone do that to you? )worth at least 2 shows, Taylor and the Government (Dude tick off the wrong people and they send your happy behind packing 85 mil years in the past. Out of sight out of mind.) That one is worth 2 shows at the least. , The Josh /Kara thing needs to be quashed. He's 85 million years in the past. Don't complicate the story line with to much teenage angst way past being overly done, oh and if they do bring her through can she be next to be eaten see problem fixed) . Let's talk about what they are doing there. Are they setting it up to bring more people in? How many people do they actually plan to relocate? Is there a way to collapse the portal? You have a psuedo group of outsiders,are they capable of cutting of their only means of escape ( If there really is a way back.) Just my 2 cents worth. Take it or leave it.