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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 200

Nate: It's just so big..
Chuck: I know
Nate: and brown..
Chuck: Wha?! How'd you ..
Nate: Dude the hat is clearly brown!
Chuck: Oh.. yeah

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 155

Jack: Nah, sorry Chuck...
Chuck: Look, I'm the bass with the ass!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 135

Serena: Why aren't you looking at my boobs?

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ew...jenny's a homewrecker! (Spoilers)

i agree with you JeNa forever. They whole thing in episode 9 was soo cute! and to me, they've had the best chemistry. ive wanted them together from the begininng, my favourite eps have always been during the jenny/nate storylines and the age thing shouldn't matter. It's not as if Serena can ever actually stick to anyone. i loooovee them together and i know a ton of people that want them together. 

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Who is Prom King? (Spoilers)

it would be so cute if chuck won and dont the prom queen and king usually have a dance together? 

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GABRIEL!! eeew

yeah she does pick weird people but i guess we just tend not to like most people outside of the "gossip girl group" but aaron, what were they thinking! and gabriel is rather creepy looking..

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