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My names Olivia but everyone calls me Liv, I'm an Australian 19 year old student currently studying medicine. I've been through more than what one person goes through in a life time.

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I am a huge GLEEK.

I am a CALZONA fan.

My idols are: Jessica Capshaw, Paget Brewster, Stana Katic, Sasha Alexander, Sara Ramirez, Mariska Hargitay, Lea Michele.. and the list goes on.

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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 311

Meredith thinking: Ima about to vomit...
Christina to examiner: I there I'm Christina Yang, Cardio goddess. Have you got room for two? (points to Meredith) Shes a neuro goddess and you would love to have her as well, her last name is also Grey, you know, like Ellis Grey? Yup her mom, double whammy so a good idea?.. yes? deal!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 311

Meredith thinking:their clothes and shoes are about to smell like vomit, they'd better move soon..too late.

Paget Brewster to Exit Criminal Minds

Im really upset Emily is leaving, I literally cried when she died in the other season and now shes leaving.. again. broken heart again.