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Brennan to Become Booth's "Rock" on Bones

Mixed feelings here...but my grain of salt is that we're dealing with television, and the screen is home to "heightened reality". We want to watch characters we can relate to, but at the same time we want to relax with them and let their world become our own for the length of each episode…perhaps also in our lingering thoughts and conversations about the show. Some films and shows are meant to get us thinking about our own lives, but largely, I feel like Bones is meant to entertain…while not being entirely foreign to reality. I agree. When you are in a serious relationship with someone, you need to confide in them first. He's dating Hannah. They are living together, there are "I love you’s", she's his priority. Theoretically, she needs to be his rock. This is television, though. I wish television could reflect real life morality and still be seen as compelling. However, writers are always looking for drama—and to keep their fanbase. They’ve established palpable, engaging chemistry between Booth and Brennan. We love it and we miss the fullness of it we’ve seen before, consistently. So, as much as there’s a logic to Hannah needing to be his rock, there’s a logic to Brennan being his rock too—rooted in the “reality� of television. Fans would continue to drop off and the show would become less and less interesting if he only turned to Hannah during this difficult time. Yes, we’d see Bones’ struggle, and that is interesting…but at least for those who love her character, and furthermore those who love the Bones-Booth pairing, it’s not interesting for the right reasons. It’s not what we want. Also, the fact is that professionally, Brennan is Booth’s partner. There may be things he’s not allowed to share with Hannah. And even if he were, Brennan is his partner of five years—and, she is a woman…whom he has a history (and in some ways a present) with. There’s a connection between them that won’t ever go away completely, and that connection lends itself to her supporting him during a professionally trying situation that also tries him personally. In real life, I would take much more issue with someone neglecting their romantic partner for their professional, opposite sex partner during such a time. But, taking the nature of television and the show itself into consideration, I understand what they’re doing, I am not surprised by it, and frankly I look forward to it. There’s a lot to work out with the whole Brennan-Booth-Hannah situation anyways, and this will only make it more interesting.


So...I just blew through all the seasons and episodes to date...over the course of a couple weeks. This show had been recommended to me over and over, so I finally checked it out and in book terms..."I couldn't put it down". Even at its weakest points, this show is engaging. I haven't agreed with everything in this show--story arcs, directing choices, etc—I still don’t. BUT, I'm still watching it and I don't have to find reasons to enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I'm not going to pretend I understand what it would have been like to watch all 5.5 seasons in real time, because I know that would have altered my experience significantly. And for those who have watched it with that pacing and have still hung on, you’re amazing. Honestly, I have had my fair share of "What in the world are the production team thinking" moments (Um…think Jersey Shore…“Eureka! A gathering of guidos!�). A whole gamut of aspects have bothered me--from dialogue to body language to whole relationships. However, I don't hate what has happened. I don't hate Hannah, though I don't like that she's there. She's a likeable character and while I would have preferred she never wrinkled the Booth-Brennan dynamic, I think having her around has brought out new dimensions in Brennan’s character. I’ve noticed Brennan comparing her relationship to Booth with that of his to Hannah, in front of Booth, ever since season 6 began. It is sad to see her do that, BUT she is doing it and it is interesting—even endearing. She’s extending herself beyond objectivity, seeking approval from the man she now admits she loves. Without Hannah, we would not have seen that. And yes, in the most recent episode the case “turned her world upside down�, leading her to open herself up to Booth. SO, that was a major catalyst. Hannah’s influence still lingers, though. I mean in “anthropological terms�, the two are trying to attract the same mate. Brennan just didn’t have the social understanding to really see that an overture to Booth while he’s in another relationship is “wrong�. Furthermore, I don’t see this season as devoid of chemistry as many have said it is. The chemistry has changed and yes, it is not as strong as in the past. But, I remember the way he looked at her as she danced around in a bone bodysuit and tu-tu for kids she was afraid she’d frighten. I know there have been other such moments too. And really, I don’t see his scaling back as inconsistent with his character. I miss it—hence me wishing Hannah had never been introduced. At the same time though, the writers did follow through with a storyline that fits Booth’s character, so for that I applaud them. I want it to change…but I’m not going to stop watching Bones because of it. I wish I could say that I trust the writers to bring Booth and Brennan together and to do the show and them justice once that happens…but I don’t have that confidence in them. Still, if they choose to go that route and commit to it, I know that they’ll make it happen and make it great. I want the writers and execs to have that confidence in themselves and this show. I know that they’ve kept me engaged and I don’t hate what they’re doing. This isn’t as bad as a car wreck on the freeway, though I do feel compelled to watch and see how everything plays out. And though I don’t know how season 6 will play out, I want a season 7. I’m not going to abandon the show. I mean…I have my other qualms too…I don’t like that Angela and Hodgins are so unbelievable as a married couple. I do find them cute…at times. But you’d think after a year, and with her being pregnant, there’d be more affection. I get that Angela is independent. But there’s no freshness, nothing endearing. Physically, they are the same with each other as they were before they dated. It’s stale, and I’m not sure if it ever was as strong as it could be. There’s a way of introducing affection into the work environment without making it sex in the Egypt exhibit. I want to see that and I haven’t seen that yet. At the same time, though, I watch, taking what I can get and enjoying it as much as I can. Somehow, though this show is not all that it could be, I don’t feel like I’m settling. I do want Bones to impress me, and in some ways it’s sad that my expectations aren’t higher. However, they are set at a place where I enjoy Bones and they have fallen there naturally. AND, I like that I am enjoying Bones. I don’t want it to go anywhere.

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