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Sarah Ramos: Demoted on Parenthood

I love Parenthood. I live it every day. Here is a snippet of the life. I have written a candid story filling in the components of the life cycle of an Asperger child growing into adulthood. This story gives the reader a true story about how a family deals with a child who has physical disabilities and special abilities mixed within the world of Asperger. Research for the book took over a year. The story was twenty-four years in the making. It is a true account that comes straight from a father’s heart. Dealing with an Asperger child at times can take a parent to the brink of unbearable. The Asperger brain words differently than the average brain. Nothing known today will change this fact. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just different. One thing is clear. Social ostracism often occurs when someone is different. The life story of an Asperger kid is almost always a testament to the bravery. It has to be. There is no magic bullet presently known within science to use in healing an Asperger child, but there is one important suggestion implied throughout the book. You must have heard about the patience of Job. Job lost all of his worldly possessions. All his children were taken. He was tortured by disease, tempted by the devil, harassed by his wife, and calumniated by his friends. Nevertheless, he held fast to his integrity and did not charge God in a foolish manner. Asperger is a little bit like Job’s predicament from the parent and from the child side. This is the link to the book.