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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Dair!!! Dan and Blair!


I actually thought this episode was much better than the premiere, I was intrigued throughout, loved duck, loved Beatrice, loved stoner Nate, and most certainly loved the best thing about this episode, Dair

Cheers to a New Season!

Serena looks gorgeous. I'm actually looking forward to the L.A storyline. I think she has really matured. And even though I loathe Chuck, I love this picture!

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omg in love. Can't wait, I love hwo Blair pulls dan away from serena! Now this is more like it, the two leads fighting for dan instead of vice-versa! Also is this the special dance sequence blake was talking about for the 100th episode?


also way off topic but girlonfire, exactly how pissed were you when Allison lost? Like i'm never watching antm again, Allison deserved to be an all star over everyone else, she's absolutely amazing and high fashion

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Dare to Dair?

this show is so fucking pathetic. How many fucking times is there going to be a car accident, and how many fucking near death incidents does chuck have? ahahahah this show 

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Anyone else bored with max and charlie?

i like ivy actually. Although she has too much screen time sometimes, and her storyline is really unbelieveable at times.. But I really liked her final scene last episode. Plus Ivy/Max storyline is about a hundred million times better than the Diana/Nate storyline. i'm so glad Dianna left, now she was a huge waste of screentime 

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