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Hi, Unhappy Camper. Aaron Sorkin has said, during several different TV interviews, that his series is meant to be about the people who do the news, not about the news itself. That's probably why the reviews and comments seem focussed on the personal lives and the romances - that's what Aaron Sorkin wants us to focus on, which is why the scenes are written and acted the way they are. We're starting to see the behind-the-scenes issues in the news reporting business get more attention in this series, though, so maybe things will start to draw away from the characters themselves. In Episode 3, Jane Fonda's character, for instance, raised the very sticky connections between the news business' legislative concerns (as a profit-making, regulated communications business) and Congress. Maybe there's still hope for this series to become less of a soap opera.


Episode 3, and now the shine is starting to wear off. I want to like this series a whole lot, because I like the concept of "The News" being about keeping We, the People truly and well informed, not spun, manipulated, politicized, infotained, dumbed down, commercialed to death, etc., etc. But after 3 weeks, I'm not buying some of the characters, and certainly not some of the relationships Aaron Sorkin is ramming down our throats with greater and greater insistence. Maggie, in particular, is increasingly annoying and not credible - she's really too much immature, neurotic flake. I'm not buying that a veteran combat photo journalist would give Maggie a first look, let alone a second, and then start competing for her with some other guy (who also would never be attracted to her, as far as I can believe). That purported love triangle is just claptrap. Beyond that, Episode 3 fails because, this time, the frantic, disjointed, exhausting pace and brain overload that Sorkin wants us to experience was way overdone - even during the long, important, opening "apology" from Will, there was simply too much flash, flash, flash, flash, with little time or space for much substance or for the view to hook and give a damn. This show is not going to hold me for much longer if major flaws don't get fixed, pronto. Too bad. It ought to be a whole lot better than it is.

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