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Graceland Season Finale Review: Home

My favorite part was Briggs' interrogation. During the episode, I couldn't figure out what was going on when he gave Q his new identity or why he dug up the FBI agent and took the key and framed jangles for his murder by putting the key on his keychain, but it was all very well wrapped up. But, the house still doesn't know he was Odin - so did Mike believe that story when he heard it or does he know Briggs made that up too?

Justified Review: How I Drew It Up

Did anyone else catch the comment about the panties? Raylan figured out that Ellen May was with Drew because he saw panties at his place and Rachel said she had a pair just like them. There was a camera shot to Raylan's face at that moment that was priceless! I loved the dilemma between Boyd and Eva about who to choose. I think they chose correctly because they were going to get $500,000 for Drew and they could have used that money to get Ellen May thereafter, but alas, that didn't happen after all. Love this show.