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Mystery Gossip Girl Sighting: Who is She?

ok so remember in season 2 when chuck says i love you to blair they also did a fake part when filming with nate to get the viewers confused on who she was going to be with in the end? well i think they did that with this picture because i saw a picture of both serena and jenny wearing the dress. ultimately i think its going to be jenny who is it in the real show but they shoot serena in the dress too to get the viewers confused. i could be wrong but it mades sense.

Gossip Girl Ratings Slide; What Can Be Done?

dont forget, ALOT of people watch it online, youtube and itunes

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 68

yupp, im a bitch.

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GGI member quiz

ive been a member since last year but i decided to do this bc i think i never did one!


Name: Kelsey

Age (NR): 17 (almost 18)

Location (province) NR: USA; east coast!

Random fact about yourself: i love new york city and i want to live there

Interests/hobbies: dance,beach,traveling,summer,camp,nyc,GOSSIP GIRL!

Favorite GG character: Blair and Chuck, its a tie :)

Role Model: Kate Winslet

Favorite Music Artists: One Republic, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Michael Buble,Coldplay 

What you want to be when you grow up: i am interested in marketing. however, if i could be successful in acting and dance, that would be my dream :)

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Epic GG lines

"because i love you. you enormusly stubborn pain in the ass"

"well your not getting it, or anything else i might add"


Blair:"trying to use sex to distract me!

Chuck: i learned from the best.

Blair: the photograph is MINE! (gets up,takes chucks shoes and leaves with the angry face.)

Chuck: she stole my shoes??!

(all from the third episode from season 3!)

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Chair Fans Until the End...


CHAIR UNTIL THE END! i love chuck and blair no matter what. even though they are going through rough times right now they can sustain anything and will get through this. they are meant to be together. LOVE CHAIR<33333

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