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I thought it was an overall good episode. While it may have had a few PSA type c
Qualities to it I thought it kept it tame compared to what it could be. I loved the opening Puck and Rachel scene, because any scene with them together is off the charts. I also loved Finn describing the different drunk types to Rachel right up until he said he hated how she was being needy and no one likes that. He's annoying at this point.

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Love me Some Puckleberry!!!

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I totally agree with you on the Quick situation. I see zero chemistry between those two. Personally I am a Puckleberry fan, they to me are my OTP of all time.

But I do think that even if I wasnt, I wouldnt like Quick and Finchel.. Quick has absolutely no scenes together to make them even seem possible for an endgame at this point in the show.

But Finchel is just a plain bad couple. Together they have no redeeming qualities. They just bring out the worst in each other.

P.s to whoever said that Finchel has a big fanbase and they dont want to disapoint the fans. I know online two of the biggest fan bases are Faberry (which in reality is never going to happen). And Puckleberry.

Only if there was a chance they were endgame.

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Who would like for Santana and Rachel to be allies

I would absolutely love to see a Brittney/Rachel/Santana friendship! I think those three together would be unstoppable. Cause really Rachel is a pretty hardcore bitch and I think Santana would respect it.
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