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Sorry but there is just something about that girl Angie that I just DON'T like...I think Jimmy hit the nail on the head when he said she's too "beauty pagenty" (which isn't due to her looks) but her personality. That too me translates to FAKE which is exactly what I've been saying since day number one (maybe it was because she tried to pass Coltin's song as one of her own, or so it seemed before one of the judges called it out) I can't put my finger on it...she just reminds me of someone who would be fake to your face to get what she wants and then talk crap about you behind your back. I mean her home state wasn't even her majority vote (ouch) it was actually really on the low side, which usually means...they know the "real" you Anyway...I love Candice and Kree! (I feel bad for all the weird awkward comments that Nicki makes to her all the time lol) I think Curtis can def sing & should have been given another chance. I like Paul and Lorenzo but they are starting to get a little on the "mediocre" side this week for me (still think they are super talented though.) I don't know what's going on w/ Devin this week but I felt like his heart just wasn't in it and I dunno I suspect maybe he is "fighting" w/ American Idol producers about something or at the very least he's frustrated with them.

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