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Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)

I just watched it for the third time on my TiVo and still love this musical episode.  What the heck is Glee?  There are so many shows I'm glad I don't even have to run into with TiVo. 

Anyone who knows how difficult this would have been to put together, more so than any of the usual difficult to act episodes, would recognize this was unique, wonderfully done and hardly something you could run actors through more than once. 

I really loved the counterpoint of the excellent singing and the horror of the situation portrayed at the same time.  I think most of the people complaining could barely carry a tune or remember the lyrics correctly, let alone perform precisely according to an already very complex script.  This isn't like making sausage, you know... LOL!

This was extremely high quality.  Excellent on so many levels.  And there are thousands of us out here who know it and don't post to blogs, so cast and crew, take heart!  It was marvelous and I'm sorry I didn't know there were people putting you down or I'd have come and posted how marvelous you all were right away!

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song on last night's episode (Music)

By the way, I'll bet the complainers would have trouble singing all the lyrics by heart, let alone singing it really well.  And the music was supposed to be louder than the background.  I'm definitely hoping for a soundtrack from this one episode!  Anyone know where to find it?

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song on last night's episode (Music)

Loved the musical episode!  Absolutely loved it!  What a work of art!  I really appreciate when a series steps outside it's usual mode for a special episode, like Castle when they ran The Kiss Episode more noir and strong.  That and this episode of Grey's are both thrilling in the extreme.  Both were beautiful works!  Anyone who understands anything at all about the craft/discipline of acting/theater/stage can't help but love the excellent work showcased in this wonderful episode.  Don't listen to the complainers, this was superb!

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