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Luci marlena
Taylor Momsen Off to the Office

i like the look, but on her it doesn't work or me
her shirt is too big, her legs are bruised
this is going to sound harsh, but she reminds me of a junkie
her roots are showing, her clothes are too big making her look super skinny, she looks older than she really is, she's got bruises everywhere.... it's just.... not for me, i think she should tone it down a bit and really think of how she wants to look

Luci marlena
Dan and Olivia: Hot or Not?

omg hillary duff? c'mon, even the FAMILY CHANNEL let her go.... it's a sign.... get her off the show... she'll ruin it.... poor dan, i take pity... and i really don't like dan.... but hillary duff.... poor guy

Luci marlena
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 51

okay wow i just read the rest of the pages and they are all really good, esp the you can thank me in suite 1812 LMAO I LOVE THAT
we all needed that chuck/blair moment... if only.... if only