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Having hated most episodes this season so far, Jim Rash redeemed Community once more! He should write more episodes, it felt like vintage Community....

Community Review: So This Is Christmas

I am so pissed at Community trying to mainstream so hard... I'm not saying that Dan Harmon was the best, but made the show's spark. Annie is a jew.
Britta saying "We got gift, we couldn't resist"? REALLY??? The anarchist?
Pierce's abscent was completely lame.
Troy and Abed? almost ruined. There are no more goofyness between them and no more TROY AND ABED IN THE MORNING. I'm truly sad, and I know it's lame cause it's only a TV Show, but I remembered I couldn't wait for thrusdays and now... I really hate NBC for ruining Community. Only "appealing" aspect of the show it's Changnesia storyline. Even the Dean is being useless lately.


LOL @ Rachel

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I sort of don't feel any sympathy for Blair

I said it on a post. B has done a lot of things to Louis, so I kinda see where's that d-bag is coming from. 

On the subject of DAIR... I love them, but I just don't think RIGHT NOW is the best time for them to be together. And I'm pretty sick on how Blair is "using" Dan most of the time. SHE needs to step up and help HIM. Even if they are just friends. It's a two way street, you know?

I think Dan is spoiling B a bit much.

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To all the fans that think it'll be out of character for blair to be pregnant



I'm sorry, it's just that the sl have been a fiasco lately. When you have characters with that much money, the sky's the limit. I mean, you could take the drama and the stories in such a high speed, because there are no limitations for this kids.


The problem is that they are making this post-teens look like grownups.

Chuck looks like he's a 40 year old bussiness man with 2 failed marriages on the list. And he's only 20!! I saw a picture of Ed on the post about Romeo and he looks SO YOUNG. They should dress him up accordingly to his age.

Blair, a 20 something girl, the head of a section in a fashion magazine? Ready to be married and maybe have a kid? 10 years ago, she didn't even had her period!

Serena, as air head as she is, she acts her age. Blake acts like crap, yes, but her age anyways. She parties, has fun, fucks around, etc etc. She should get more responsabilities, yes, but not run a company or a magazine...

Dan is Dan. He's always been "mature", culturized and stuff.

Nate, oh... poor Chace. He is so hot, too bad they only use him as props. With all that hotness, they should write some college story lines for him. Banging chick, winning over some shit, make him fail at some tests and try to bribe the teacher with sex or money to pass...


The problem is no the OUT OF CHARACTER situation. Is the OUT OF AGE situation. AND THE CRAPPY WRITTERS that can't put 2 and 2 together. Come on... with all of their resources, they could have this kids fuck around and then go to a party on London on the same weekend.


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the vampire diaries may be cancelled!

They will NOT cancel TVD, come on! That's obviously a joke! In any case, they will move the day and time, that's it. American Idol is shallow crap, Vampires are deep crap ;)

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