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Having hated most episodes this season so far, Jim Rash redeemed Community once more! He should write more episodes, it felt like vintage Community....

Community Review: So This Is Christmas

I am so pissed at Community trying to mainstream so hard... I'm not saying that Dan Harmon was the best, but made the show's spark. Annie is a jew.
Britta saying "We got gift, we couldn't resist"? REALLY??? The anarchist?
Pierce's abscent was completely lame.
Troy and Abed? almost ruined. There are no more goofyness between them and no more TROY AND ABED IN THE MORNING. I'm truly sad, and I know it's lame cause it's only a TV Show, but I remembered I couldn't wait for thrusdays and now... I really hate NBC for ruining Community. Only "appealing" aspect of the show it's Changnesia storyline. Even the Dean is being useless lately.


LOL @ Rachel