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i want it to be chuck;....
but i have a feeling shell get engaged to louis :( and then choose dan at the end.. of the season.. event hough they always have a chuck/blair end to the season i think thats what will be the game change.. even though i really dont want that, i dont see how they can put them to together again just pull them apart and him hurt her, there endgame and its not the end yet ... even though i want them back together NOW!!!!! :(

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why i don't think blair is pregnant

they aint on same time as us, there leaving for holidays in summer, meaning its june july time for them....

so yeah she could be denying it. or may even get rid of it..... or adopt etc..


but we all know it will be chucks if it is hers as louis leaves 

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Congrats, Dair fans!

how has he made that clear.. how can a writer be pissed off at fans there wat makes the show.. this so stupid wether it was dair fans chair fans etc who were leaking scriptss they shouldnt of been doing it anyway, but we all look at them so wwe all take part..

+ as for dair.. how can people say endgame just yet weve seen them kiss once have see them in a relationship and stufff firsttt..


i think everyone needs calm dowwwwwn :)  + as for those spoilers are they all true cause some of them dont even make sense.. like oh hey your nervous lets get a drink?:S or charlie being an actress and them signing her up for season 5 lol

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Any reasons that chuck could redeem himself?

she cant be that madd about it.. since she helps him out next episode.. in the promo the stairs shes walking up is where they say sedate him.. i agree she shouldnt forgive him next episode i think she should be alone.. go to school get a job and be the powerful women she wants..

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