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1. I can't wait to see how rumple and Elsa paths crossed.
2. I love Regina and I absolutely understand why they brought Marian back, but what I don't understand is how. Technically Marian died giving birth to Roland if I recall correctly in season 2. Robin Hood broke into rumple's castle, then tortured by rumple, then set free by belle, and then finally my favorite part Marian dies. So how Marian end up in that jail cell protecting Snow White? But back who this is actually about: Regina is right " Good isn't born, it's made" but then so is evil. Old habits did hard. Regina is still on this journey and she's always going to be at war with herself, but I have faith that she will ultimately she'll choose good because she is motivated by love: love for Henry, and now her love for Robin.
3. Belle is naive and I both love and hate that about her because she is in love with Rumple and he's going to break her heart. I really hope she doesn't give up on him because he really loves her. Belle and Rumple asks the question: is love enough to change people?
4. They missed a lot of Emma's firsts and that hurts Emma and them, but if Emma and hook stick together or she ends up with someone knew she can help plan her first wedding. I think Snow and Charming should look on the bright side and treasure the time they have with her now before the next big bad comes along. Plus Emma and snow and charming should realize it doesn't matter how old you get you will always need your parents no matter what.
5. I guess when Henry starts spending time with grandpa rumple he's going to explore his inner dark side.
6. I was hoping Emma Rigby ( Red Queen) would be joining will but I guess not.

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I love HIMYM it's just ted who I started to hate.

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Who didn't love that kiss? I swear it steamed up my TV

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