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Mentalist has to come back for another season yes I know Jane has caught and killed Red John but he isn't happy! We the fans are fully invested in these characters and we are happy van pelt and rigsby ended up together and that beautiful daughter they created but we want to know is Cho going to find romance or the biggest question you truly need to answer are Jane and Lisbon meant to be together you gave us not so subtlety hinted with Marcus thinking Teresa and Patrick were together before he made a move on her, rigsby and can pelt always thinking they were going to get together. The Mentalist owe it's fans this you need to settle the will they/won't they question c'mon you owe us. The ratings are not what they use to be we get it but make it happen.

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For once upon a time Anastasia needs to be with will it doesn't make sense for them to end up together and not be together! For revenge I hope it's pascal, or Charlotte or Daniel. But it's probably going to be Margaux. The only reason why it shouldn't be Charlotte is because she's emily half-sister and she should know that


I'm shipping Triplett and Simmons! Sorry fitz things are going to change. I know fitz and Simmons are probably end game

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Who didn't love that kiss? I swear it steamed up my TV

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