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90210 Review: "Rush Hour"

I like Austin... Naomi needs a new boy... in case no one else saw where that's eventually heading ;)
Annie deserved this and after that lame kiss she should have known he wasn't actually into her.
DixonAde will be interesting...
The Liam story annoys me.. he was sick and blah blah guy dies so you shack up with his wife and fall in love???!!! I actually felt bad for him when Annie turned him down!! Now I wanna shove the ring down his throat! Grrr!

Gossip Girl to Turn Main Character Gay ...

It's probably Nate since they had a bit of a Bromance for a while and Dan is writing from his own point of view. I know in the books Chuck is gay but If Blair is the one Dan was afraid of reading it I bet there says a lot about her and Chuck since they are so closely intertwined.. but we shall see.


Oh Em Gee!!! Serena is Pregnant with the teachers baby!!! She was the one acting weird! Not Blair and that story closed up way too easily... Blair would def be on birth control. duh! The sex scene was there to shake things up and keep us guessing all summer but I would bet it's hers. She needs time to reflect... and she has been kinda weird the last few episodes!!