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DF, you are wrong on all three counts. The Buffet. Of course you can not share with everyone and anyone at your table when you order from a buffet. But Larry did not do that. If a fellow eater says something like "Oh, that shrimp looks good." it is well within your rights to offer one, or even two, and a little potato salad on the side. It would almost be rude not to. Girl Scout Cookies. If you are ordering girl scout cookies you absolutely 100% have to pay for them. Your remark that you would have given in because you thought they were cute is condescending. No matter if the girl scouts you order cookies from are cute or ugly, the decent, the only thing to do is to pay for the cookies. The First Time. You would have called a woman and let the poor girl wait for 15 or 20 minutes? Let her bleed all over her pants? Showing her that having a period is an emergency that requires some sort of cavalry to come in? That is just plain wrong. Larry showed her that having a period is something very normal and natural, something you do not have to be ashamed of. This was a liberating moment for that girl. Whereas the reaction of her father (being upset and cutting off the man that helped her out in a moment of distress) is surly enough to scar her for life. Glad we could clear that up.

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