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Jane By Design Review: Grounded with a Job

Billy's going to have to make a choice? I was rather sure Lulu made it for him. After that, he ended the Preppy Billy phase. While they may try to patch things up, I think they're done. Jane and Nick are adorable together and have great chemistry, but Billy is definitely end game.

Glee Review: Rock Salt with You

I LOVED Artie and Mike's rendition of Scream. I really thought they did a great job and it showed just how angry Artie was about being pushed around and bullied. I thought Quinn's advice was spot-on, as well. Seems the things you liked about this episode are the things I could've done without. I felt that Heather Morris was severely under-utilized in an episode that really could've shown off her dance skills. On another note, my daughter is only 14, but she's a HUGE MJ fan. She even asked for a poster of him for Christmas. I think musical taste really hinges on what you're exposed to throughout your life and she knows his music better than I do at this point.


Is Elena really better than both Salvatore brothers?
I really don't like Elena much, but at least she doesn't go around killing people. Guess it depends on your definition of "better". Which is more painful, transforming into a werewolf or giving birth?
I love how you ask this question of four guys! lol Still, I'm pretty sure breaking every bone in your body is more painful than just having the bones in your pelvis separate while giving birth.