You will soon realize that I am slightly crazy and very random. Of course it's in the best kind of way! I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology. I think I'd like to be a Psychologist, or maybe a Doctor. As long as I'm helping people I'll be happy. I have been with my partner David for 3 and a half years...he is the love of my life. I am addicted to all things to do with Grey's Anatomy... and music. Without music i think I'd die! I know, I'm odd! I also enjoy watching movies that make me cry a lot, and listening to sad love songs. I'm a slight emotional retard if that explains it...?
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Hehe, thanks for the credit :) Always happy to help :)


2 hours of gutwrenching, lovely, making me giddy, cutting my heart out, making me laugh, making me drown myself in tears, making me totally freak out, making me totally squeee.. amazingness... Plus... MerDer union was brilliant. So them. So unique. Perfection!


It's in the actual quotes section on here. :) The ones on here in this post are just samples. here anyways... Becca: Today's the day my life begins. Today I become a citizen of the world. Today I become a grown up. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. Accountable for more than my grades. Today, I become accountable to the world. To the future. To all the possibilities that life has to offer. Starting today, my job is to show up wide eyed and willing and ready. For what, I don't know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today, my friends, our lives begin. And, I for one can't wait.

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501 Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Episodes)

OMFG!that was the best premiere ever! I absolutely loved it! Wooohooooo! Grey's Anatomy is back in full swing and its AWESOME!The only downside i had was not enough MerDer moments... but enough to make us all see that they are going to be fabulous together and together for good.The dream part at the start where Derek dies freaked the crap outta me. I know it was a dream but i bawled my eyes out... not my MerDer hurting! AHHHH! Luckily the dream ended so quickly.Rose is a complete idiot!!!!! Grrrrrr! Glad she's gone now... i mean seriously what kind of idiot gives a surgeon a scalpel blade first. I reckon she did it on purpose.. but thats prolly cos i hate her with a passion.MerDer moving in together! YEY! Meredith is finally leaping! Although once again she had her scared face on when she was packing... i have a great feeling about it Now we just need some MerDer action in episode 3. I will be pleased.Cristina and Mer thing didn't bother me too much. I think it was totally reasonable for Mer to be talking about it non stop. Hilarious flash of Mer and Cris old and granny like. I couldn't stop laughing! Cris has always been selfish though... so i guess i'm used to her not wanting to listen to Mer. She should have picked up that it was just Mer being scared. Love Cristina and Owen hunt.. HOT AS! Finally Cristina got some action!HATE ALEX. He's an a$$I cried with the whole Denny thing.... SO SAD! Poor Izzie.I really don't think George and Lexie will end up together... but just maybe if Lexie is lucky.. they might. She was so adorable throughout the whole thing. AWH! Callica is back on... i'm glad. The Chief was a total a$$... and i have a feeling he is going to yell at Meredith again sometimes soon. But luckily, our lovely Der jumped in to save his woman. YEY!I think it was an awesome SP. I mean... they had to cover a lot of ground so the scenes were short... but it was truly great! Made me see that spark again!I think episode 3 is going to be fantastic... and it will focus more on the relationships and personal stuff... rather than the YAHOO surgeries stupid Chief thinks he can do.KUDOS to Derek telling him off. Derek is such a compassionate doctor I'm glad he voiced his opinion.YEY!!!!! I am just... WOW! SO excited except angry that we have to wait 2 weeks to see episode 3. Stupid presidential crap!MerDer forever. and ever and ever!

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new grey's promo

I saw this too, have seen 3 different videos of the same promo.

Rose says's "Derek there's no easy way to say this, I'm carrying your child".

This is either a dream sequence, or Rose is saying it to get Derek to stay with her... as Shonda Rhimes has said that she wouldn't be pregnant...

The person bleeding on the gurney looks like Derek. The odd thing is, if you slow down the video... Derek is right beside The Chief when the Chief says "we have to save this man etc.". So if it is Derek it must be a dream sequence.

Meredith screaming 'NOOOOOO!!!!" Either this is in a dream sequence where she see's Derek on a gurney bleeding and screams. Or, its unrelated to what was shown in the promo.

I think all this after much speculation and talking to a lot of other scared and confused fans that it's Shonda Rhimes putting everything she said wasn't going to happen, in the promo... so we all freak out and MUST watch the season premiere.

So most people will talk about it and freak out about it up until the premier... then in reality... it is all different... eg. dream sequence, and rose lieing n stuff.

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Yeah i was in tears after the promo! How intense was that. I've ssen 2 of them now. On the 2nd one on youtube i saw titled Season 5 promo (New images) or something similar..

Rose says she's carrying Dereks child. A person injured on the gurney looks like Derek...but if you slow it down, Derek is right next to the Chief when he says "we have to save this man!" So.. now i'm not sure who it is. I thought maybe it could be Thatcher, or maybe Alex. As for Meredith screaming... if it is a real thing that happens it could be Thatcher, that could be why she's screaming. But, most likely... It's a dream sequence i think if the screaming is even about whose on the gurney. I think if its a dream sequence it will be a dream that makes Meredith realize how Derek felt when she was on the operating table, or to make Meredith ask him to move in or something...

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