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Favorite Character

top five

1.- addie

2.- mark

3.- derek

4.- alex

5.- cristina

and as an honorable mention:




god there are just so many good characters

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

1.- addison and mark

2.- alex and izzie

3.- derek and meredith

4.- derek and mark (friendship)

5.- meredith and alex (friendship)

6.- mark and callie (friendship)

7.- addison and derek

8.- addison and alex

9.- meredith and cristina (friendship)

10.- izzie and george (frienship)

honorable mentions: (in order)

callie and addison (friendship)

owen and cristina

george and lexie

izzie and denny (before dying)

cristina and burke

richard and ellis

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